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About WallSwitch
WallSwitch is an application that automatically cycles your desktop wallpaper.

You can specify folders or RSS feeds from which images will be selected and displayed. You can choose to have images displayed in sequential or random order, with the possibility of separate images on each monitor.

For those with a multitude of random pictures that would like them to be displayed, there is collage mode. For each wallpaper cycle, a random image is selected and displayed on a random location on the screen, however, the previously displayed images are not erased, but are instead slowly faded to the background color in order to emphasize the newer images. For example:

WallSwitch supports the following features:
  • Inclusion of folders, RSS feeds, or specific image files for display.
  • Widgets (including the ability for users to build their own custom widgets)
  • Give images ratings, and filter them by ratings or file name (NEW)
  • Smooth cross-fading transitions.
  • Apply color effects such as grayscale or sepia.
  • Automatically span images across multiple monitors
  • Sequential or random order for image selection.
  • For multi-monitor workstations, can display a separate image on each monitor.
  • Ability to display random images in a collage, where a new image is added periodically, while applying a variety of effects to slowly fade out the older images in the background.
  • Can choose from a variety of methods used to scale the image to the size of the screen (or not scale, if desired).
  • When image does not cover the entire screen, can choose color or gradient to fill background.
  • Configurable wallpaper change frequency.
  • Hot-key support to quickly change wallpaper themes.
  • Image history is tracked and displayed on a separate tab.
  • Application minimizes to the system tray, and can start up with Windows.

WallSwitch is built using Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2. If needed, you can download this here.

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